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According to Oklahoma’s reports, the Lakers today will in the away game to challenge the thunder team. This will also be Kobe’s career last time and Kevin Durant played. Before the game, Durant shared a story about Kobe in an interview. “Through the observation of him, I learned a lot of things.” Durant said, “I have been trying to understand is: why can he do that? By observing him, I took a long time to figure out who he is. There have been a lot of talk between us, but I just want to put those conversations in between us. But most of the time by watching him every day, he how to prepare for the game when playing games.” I remember once, he is after the end of my rookie season, we follow the Olympic training team in Las Vegas.” He said, “one day we have a holiday, so the young players and players to participate in the Olympic Games together. They arranged a two bus going to training for the players.

The first bus just me and Geoff – Green, waiting for the car to leave when we saw Kobe a person walked over, while others are resting. We (Green and I) training in a field, and training Kobe in another court. He points at the three point of the 50 hit a ball, that is a lot of ball. From the 7 position from the three hit 50 balls takes a very long time. bathed in sweat。 We look at there, and said, ‘dude, he is the best player in the league, but he tooka bus to go to a high school gym training. He is an old school player, I also want to become such a player. “” It is clear that Kobe’s efforts, hard work and professional attitude deeply infected with the just concluded rookie season of Durant. Perhaps it is because of this story, it makes Durant in the next career more efforts, and made such achievements.

In the 1996 NBA draft, holding the 13th picks the Hornets draft pick the previous day with the Lakers a seemingly very cost-effective deal was reached. Hornets draft picks was traded to the Lakers, for when the play of the year of the European Star Center . Lakers until 5 minutes before the draft, to inform the Hornets their candidate: at age 17, Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant basketball success in the world in the future still makes the deal the hornets ‘ biggest laughing stock.

1996-97 season, new coach of the team led by NBA50 legend –David Cowens , created history when the team’s best record of 54 WINS and 28 losses. Main striker pressure on Jordan to become the all-star most valuable player (MVP), in the 1996-97 season, averaging 26.8 points, averaged 27.7 points and good performance of the playoffs ranked third. But unfortunately is only at the time of 54 WINS team ranked 6th in the eastern part of the cloud, encounter Knicks 3-0 swept out in the first round of the playoffs.

As for team name of origin has two species claims: a said is United States independent war period, United Kingdom one named Charles of General, in to United Kingdom Royal of war front report in the described summer Charlotte of situation: here war tragic, like “group Hornets in cellular in battle”, so summer Charlotte left “revolution of hive” of reputation; addition a claims is United States civil war period, summer Charlotte near of Hornets group help stationed in local of South army playing run North army. Since then, the Hornets Charlotte, was regarded as patron. In 1988, when you set up the first NBA team in Charlotte, took the Hornets to the team name. In 2002, the Hornets moved to New Orleans, ‘ New Orleans “this name was moved to New Orleans.

Today, the NBA officially announced the year 2016 NBA China Games and team and race time. The Houston Rockets and the New Orleans pelicans on October 9 October 12 in Shanghai and Beijing Games. To this end, one-fourth NBA Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Chinese descent Mark Tatum specifically to China, roundtable interviews with Chinese media.

It comes to choosing the rockets as reason for racing teams in China, Tan Huimin said: “the rocket has a special relationship with China, and their huge fan base in China, the market is also very good. Yao ming has played for Houston, besides the rockets had had many popular star with fans, including Tracy McGrady, Steve Francis, is now harden, and Howard. In 2004, the first NBA China Games the rockets are one of the teams, this year is the tenth of the NBA China Games and is 12 years, we have again the rockets back to China is of special significance. ”Tan Huimin said this year’s NBA fans will be held in Shanghai for the fifth consecutive day, while the two teams will participate in the NBA Cares event in Beijing and Shanghai. Tan Huimin said, it is because of these activities, and NBA have chosen to hold preseason games in China, rather than the regular season. As the NBA regular schedule is very intensive, and only during the preseason, the team and the players have more time to participate in the campaign, and engagement with the Chinese fans and community. Of course, Tan Huimin does not exclude the possibility of NBA regular-season games, held in China in the future.

Social media for the NBA plays a very important role in the development of the market, NBA fans of social media around the world now has more than 1 billion, has more than 100 million in China, but Tan Huimin said NBA attaches equal importance to its cooperation with traditional media. For those who do not use computers, not social media fans, NBA through television, newspapers, magazines offer the same quality of information services.