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Zhou Qi, who is my favourite player, has signed in the Rocket. I do not know whether he and his jersey will become another legend in NBA, but I do hope that and bless him.

Recently, Zhou Qi has gone to the United States and is trained together with the Rockets members. He also participant in the first day’s training, his performance is remarkable, that he gives Paul a big cap. For Zhou Qi’s first day’s training, coach said: “he has a chance (to enter the rotation), he has a good chance; I look forward to having him all season and working with him. When we have the chance, we’ll let him play.”

Although Zhou Qi can login in NBA, but fans is not optimistic for his NBA prospect. On one hand, the competition in the Rockets inside is more than fierce, he is very difficult to have the advantage for he haven’t played NBA. On the other hand, his physical quality is not good, so he is very difficult to compete with the other inside confrontation. However, seeing his performance in the National Games and his evaluation from coach, there is a great chance to get playing time in the new season. He will not be like before that sit on the bench for the entire season.

In fact, now Zhou Qi’s biggest problem is the strength and size, which is not so strong enough. But his other aspects are pretty good, so in the next he must increase strength training as much as possible to make their physical quality better. Then he will be more obvious in Rocket.

In addition, as for the previous summer league and national games, Zhou Qi increased the shot of three points, which was said arranged by coach. And from the final results, he seems to be not suitable for the end of the attack in three points on the line. So Zhou Qi will make a choice on whether to continue to shoot three points as soon as possible, because his playing time in the rocket is very limited, and the shooting time will be less and less. If Zhou Qi loses the shot in three points consecutively, he will lose the trust of coach. It is about to start the preseason, and this is Zhou Qi’s great opportunity, he should take advantage of this opportunity to pinpoint his position. He need to think whether he should become a space insider or a traditional insider.