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An undervalued person always has a positive attitude, and they are always eager to prove themselves, just as an addict needs to be inspired by a hallucinogenic drug. People used to call him Small Fish, he is the Yes-man in the NBA, also the chairman.

He has never participant in the All Star, he is always a role player, but he was able to give a fatal blow to the Spur in 0.4 seconds; in 2009 the finals, he put in 6 three points and won in the Extra time at the age of 36. There were hundreds of key shots in his occupation career the CIC. He is the Big Heart Fisher, the low-key Mr. Key in NBA. Hope you do love his unique low key jersey.

People mocked him for lack of active defence, but the players who is famous for defence has ever broken Jordan’s single season record of back cap and kept it till now; they say he introverted, have no charisma, but no one knows he began to work at NBA when he was 18 years old. When he first entered the League he was living in hundreds square apartment and nobody taught him, he did either have any friends. When he missed his family he could only call phone, all behind his monthly $3000 fee was his empty and his worries about the future. People said he looked always sleepy, but no one knew his family and friends left one after another in those ten years. Behind his blurred eyes, perhaps he was thinking of his relatives in heaven and his best friends in childhood. His name is Maddy. You may don’t like him, but please respect him. His jersey is also very famous, you can buy some if you really like him.

About Mabry’s NBA career, what we knew was that firstly, his nicknamed was the “lone wolf”. He was the greatest guard among the Golden Generation, and had competed for the champion against Iverson. Secondly, Mabry is the only player in history who has ever scored 20+8 in 8 Season fields except for the legendary guard “big O” Robertson in NBA history. Thirdly, although his occupation career was displaced, he had enrolled into the All Star and the Third Team. Fourth, his 20 million annual salary is more than 98% of the NBA players.

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